Cough for allergies and cough treatment methods

Cough Is one of the symptoms of an allergy. From a cough, it differs, first of all, by sudden prolonged attacks and lack of temperature. The cause of an allergic cough can cause both a household and food allergy. Provoking it allergen causes swelling and spasm of the respiratory tract, so this cough scares.

Allergic cough is dry. It is also called a variant of bronchial asthma. When coughing, itching can occur in the nose and throat, runny nose, sneezing, shortness of breath, and choking is not ruled out.

Causes of cough for allergies:

  • mites hiding in house dust,

  • pollen of plants,

  • animal hair,

  • sharp strong smells and other.

  • And one of the most important measures in the treatment is the exception of cough irritant for allergy from everyday use. It is also necessary to take antiallergic drugs.

    Diagnosis of allergens

    You can find out which allergen causes an allergic reaction in several ways. Have an allergist doctor undergo an appropriate test for allergens. With food allergies, remove gradually from the diet foods that cause allergies. A list of such products will be presented by an allergist. Cough for allergy occurs mainly at night, so it is recommended to do a wet cleaning in the room where you sleep and, if there are pets, to isolate them from this room.

    Cough treatment for allergy

    Treatment of allergic cough should be done in a timely manner, otherwise it can go to chronic bronchitis, and then into bronchial asthma. Therefore, the detection of allergens that cause coughing should be an urgent measure during treatment. Treatment of an allergic cough process is lengthy. This can take months, or even years.

    Prophylactically in case of an allergic cough, you can wash your nose a couple of times a day, rinse your mouth and throat with warm water, especially after returning from the street.


    It is desirable to use cosmetics, which is hypoallergenic drugs designed specifically for people with increased sensitivity.

    Cough attacks can be removed with the help of modern antihistamines.

    Allergy sufferers, unfortunately, can not get rid of their disease completely, an allergic cough is difficult to treat. The main thing in time to see a doctor-allergist for help, because it is very important to recognize the allergen in time, to eliminate it from everyday life and to take anti-allergic drugs.