Combating allergies with folk remedies

And in adults and children in our time, one of the most common autoimmune diseases is allergy. Such hypersensitivity of immunity, as an allergy manifests itself when a patient contacts a certain type of allergen. Allergens can be food, pollen of plants, house mites and dust, wool, hair, skin, feathers of saliva,

other components of animal origin, medicines, bends and bacteria.

Treatment of allergy with folk methods is not only effective, but also very gentle therapy, since natural components do not provoke dangerous side effects, do not overload the liver and kidneys, which many antiallergic agents commit.

For the application of specific medicinal potions, one should precisely determine the nature of allergy development and a list of allergens, otherwise inadequate treatment can only exacerbate the disease. In other words, before you start treatment, you should always consult a doctor. For successful treatment of allergy by folk methods, one should adhere to the diet prescribed by the doctor.

Recipes of traditional medicine from allergy

  • Prepare the medicinal vodka tincture of duckweed . For every ten grams of washed and fresh duckweed should account for fifty milliliters of vodka. A week this mixture should be infused. After that, the drug is ready for use, reception should be done four times a day. To do this, every fifteen drops of tincture diluted with half a glass of water. The course of treatment is a month.

  • Twenty grams of dry-nourishing cocklebur brew a glass of boiling water and insist an hour. The received agent should be used for a day three times. Such treatment should last at least six months.

  • Fifty grams of crushed roots of dandelion and burdock pour 600 milliliters of water and insist ten hours. The field of this infusion is boiled and cooled. They consume half a cup before meals in no less than two months.

  • Brew a glass of boiling water thirty grams of dry Pharmaceutical yarrow, and after half an hour, filter and use four times a day for a quarter of a glass.

  • Collection in the dry fruit of dogrose, St. John's wort, dandelion root (all - 50 grams), chemist's chamomile (25 grams), centipedes (75 grams), field horsetail (25 grams) brew 600 milliliters of boiling water, then once again bring to a boil. Insist the product should be wrapped in dense tissue for five hours. The loan infusion should be separated from the sediment and consumed every day for six months on a teaspoon per day.

  • Wash ten grams of flowers of calendula and brew half a glass of boiling water. After three hours, use three times a day daily on a spoonful.

  • Fifty grams of ephedra of two-colony brew three cups of boiling water and evaporate the tea leaves in a water bath to half the primary volume of the liquid. Strain, use the drug three times a day on a teaspoon.

  • One hundred grams of field shutter brew two glasses of water and cook further on low heat for not more than ten minutes. Cooling - filter out the remedy. Drink follows four times a day for half a cup.

  • Select fifty grams of ground the root of the root and the root of the pion, mix and pour a glass of vodka. Month insist and use fifteen drops three times a day for one and a half months.

  • One hundred grams of leaves of nettle brew three hundred grams of boiling water and insist for three hours. Drink three times a day for half a glass a month course.

  • Pour half a glass of boiling water two filter bags alternatives of pharmacy, insist half an hour under a tight lid. Then filter the bags well wring out and dilute the infusion to one hundred milliliters of boiled water. Drink after eating a quarter of a glass for a month.

  • Fifty grams of of the crushed sequence pour two glasses of vodka and insist two weeks in the dark. Use twenty drops three times a day for a month.