Folk remedy for allergy to dust

In our time, a very common type of allergy is allergy to household dust. This is not about the dust itself, but about the microscopic mites that are in it. Get rid of this allergy is extremely difficult, because, firstly, such an allergy is not seasonal, unlike other types of allergies, and secondly, a person comes in contact with dust everywhere and everywhere - at home, at work, on the street, in transport. Therefore, here we can talk only about preventive measures and about the means that help to tolerate this allergy and relieve allergic symptoms.

However, we must not forget the main thing: an allergic reaction is not a cause, on the contrary it is a consequence of the weakening of the human immune system. Therefore, along with the funds that remove allergic symptoms, you need to use and funds that enhance immunity.

Traditional medicine for the treatment of allergy to dust

In folk medicine, there are many recipes to combat allergy to dust. One of the very good recipes is the following: herbs of a thousand-acres of 5 parts, herbs of St. John's wort 4 parts, crushed rose hips, 4 parts, dandelion root 3 parts, horsetail field 2 parts, corn stigmas 1 part. All components are thoroughly crushed and mixed. Four tablespoons of the collection should be poured in the evening with one glass of water, insist during the night, and in the morning bring to a boil. Remove from heat immediately after the start of boiling, heat wrap and insist 4 hours. Strain. Infusion can be prepared immediately for 2 or 3 days.

One serving - one third of the glass . Adults apply the whole glass during the day before eating. Children take 1-3 tablespoons at the reception before meals. As the "exit" of the allergy is manifested some symptoms of getting rid of allergies: hardening in the nose, then on the chin, then - on the hands and on the legs will be accompanied by severe itching. Itching areas should be lubricated with an anesthetic, for example, tincture of birch buds.

A month later, the process of recovery will begin. To be treated this way it is necessary half a year. Do not drink alcohol.

In addition, one of the main conditions for recovery is getting rid of the source of dust. Of course, you can not completely get rid of it, but you can at least properly restore order at home. Good general cleaning, daily wet cleaning, laundry of bed linen up to 5 times a week, air conditioning with special filters, no carpets, as few blankets and blankets as possible (the blankets should be replaced with synthetic ones) - these are the main points that will help to reduce the amount of dust in house to a minimum.