How to remove allergy in the sun?

Allergy to the sun, more precisely - on the sun's rays, otherwise called photodermatosis and is found in recent times quite often. Its first appearance can be observed in allergen-dependent people since May, and allergic manifestations continue throughout the warm period of the year. Children are exposed to photodermatosis, especially those who were taken out of the habitual cool climate to warm regions.

Causes of

Of course, the sun's rays by definition can not be an allergen - the allergy arises from the accumulation of allergens under the influence of sunlight. Most often this happens to people suffering from liver, kidney, adrenal, endocrine system diseases, as well as people taking certain medications and people using citrus or bergamot aromatic oils.

Symptoms of

Allergy to sunlight is manifested a few hours after being in the sun. It appears in the form of redness of the skin, itching, small bubble rashes, rashes. In severe cases, there may be swelling of the mucous membranes and skin.

After two or three days, allergy manifestations go away by themselves, but only on the condition that the human immune system is strong. if a person is weakened, then the allergy can go to bronchopasma or eczema.

In children, the sun's rays are allergic to the skin without much consequence with age.

Than to treat an allergy on solar beams?

First of all, do not panic - it will pass by itself. But if it does not, then you need to strengthen your defenses and treat the underlying diseases - most likely, these are renal or hepatic problems. And in order that the allergy does not arise, it is better to avoid being in the sun, do not use aromatic oil and deodorant, wear long-sleeved clothes.

But if an allergy has already arisen, how can it be removed? To remove the itching, to remove rashes and puffiness, there are easy folk methods.

  • Widely used for this cabbage leaf: it should be slightly discarded (in order for the juice to come out) and put on the sick skin, from above to fix the bandage.

  • You can use in the same way grated potatoes or grated fresh cucumber. The compress should be kept for about 40 minutes.

  • Very well removes allergic edema and itching wormwood tincture on alcohol. It is better to do it yourself, but you can buy it in the pharmacy network. Wipe the rash with tincture of wormwood.

  • Simultaneously with the use of wormwood tincture, you should take a bath with infusion of celandine.

  • Purity is used not only in the form of infusion, but also in the form of an oil extract - it can also be purchased at a pharmacy. The same curative power is possessed by the self-made celandine oil. It is made as follows: a liter canister is filled to half with celandine flowers and filled with vegetable oil so as to cover the celandine, it is insisted for three weeks, it is filtered. At night, it is necessary to wipe the affected areas of skin with hydrogen peroxide, then put gauze soaked with celandine oil on top, fix it as a compress. Next morning, wipe again with hydrogen peroxide, and at night repeat the procedure.