Allergy to strawberries: symptoms. Is it possible to eat strawberries for children and pregnant women

Strawberries - extremely useful berry containing a huge amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, however, many people should use it with caution. The fact is that strawberry is a very strong allergen and is especially dangerous with a hereditary predisposition to such a problem. If the genus is allergic to strawberries, preferably these berries are generally excluded from the diet.

And if you really want to eat them, it's better to discuss the situation with an allergist, and maybe you can eat a couple of berries, having in stock antihistamines.

Why is such a tasty and useful berry is such a dangerous allergen for the human body? It's all about the pollen that accumulates in the fruits of the strawberry during its ripening period.

Symptoms of strawberry allergy

The fact that the strawberries developed an allergy, you can determine by such symptoms:

  • streamy, reddened eyes with swollen eyelids;

  • tingling sensation in the throat;

  • sneezing and runny nose;

  • itching and swelling in the mouth, throat, lips;

  • rashes on the skin, reminiscent of hives, with severe itching.

  • An allergy to strawberries can have more severe manifestations:

  • labored breathing;

  • eczema;

  • swelling of the face and fingers;

  • asthma attack;

  • vomiting, diarrhea;

  • spasms and stomach cramps;

  • convulsions;

  • temperature increase.

  • All these symptoms can provoke the development of anaphylactic shock and lead to death. It is always worth remembering, even if an allergic reaction to eaten strawberries manifested itself in the form of sneezing and watery eyes, one day, due to the accumulation effect, a slight runny nose as a result of eating strawberries can go into stopping breathing. And in this case, you need immediate hospitalization and complete refusal in the subsequent from the reception of strawberries.

    Undoubtedly, there are many antihistamines in the pharmacy network, however, they are not a panacea and can only alleviate or eliminate allergic manifestations, but can not cure them. In addition, one should not select an antihistamine medication independently, the doctor must prescribe it, otherwise you can get unpleasant consequences from receiving the wrong remedy.

    Strawberries in the diet children

    Up to one year of life, to give strawberries to children is generally not recommended, and when it is first introduced into the children's diet, carefully monitor the occurrence of possible allergic reactions. Usually, the allergy manifests itself within a day after the consumption of berries, but the body can react with delay to the allergen - up to two days after they are taken for food. If a baby exhibits symptoms of an allergic reaction to strawberries, it should be excluded from the baby's diet. If everything went well, enter the strawberry into the baby's diet gradually, with great care, starting from one berry a day.

    Strawberry in pregnancy

    Because of its allergic activity, strawberries are dangerous for pregnant women, especially from the 22nd week, when the immunity of the baby becomes sensitive to the food that the mother eats. Subsequently, the baby can suffer a severe allergy to strawberries all his life. In addition, strawberries are dangerous for a pregnant woman, their ability to bring the uterus into tone, which, depending on the period of pregnancy, can cause miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, even in the absence of allergies to strawberries pregnant women should use it with great care, and from 22 weeks to exclude from the diet in general.