Allergy - folk remedies and prescriptions against allergies

Allergy is a phenomenon of hypersensitivity to allergens, allergenic substances. The reaction to allergens occurs in a hypersensitive or delayed form. Allergy is the main cause of allergic diseases: urticaria, bronchial asthma, dermatitis.

Symptoms of allergy

Symptoms can manifest themselves in different parts of the human body, in various forms and forms. It can be: eczema, rhinitis, vomiting, asthma, depression, neuralgia, conjunctivitis, hay fever, shortness of breath, swelling of the eyelids and face. The same allergen can cause different symptoms at different times and in different people.

Causes of allergy diseases.

The cause is poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, which leads to general disharmony in the body. The use of a large number of refined products with chemical additives, psychological or emotional stress. The same reason can be the use of medicines, inhalation of household dust, washing powder, animal hair.

Recipes and advice of traditional medicine for the treatment of allergy

A patient with an allergy, you should drink for several years instead of tea and other similar drinks, a decoction from the turn. Brew a string, it follows, like tea. The color of the ready-made broth should be golden, if it is greenish or cloudy, it means that it is no longer suitable for consumption. Broth turns should only be drunk fresh. Alternatively, it is recommended to collect independently, because the stacked sequence, practically does not give an effect.

Take a tablespoon of celandine and brew 2 cups of boiling water and put it for 4-5 hours. Drink 15-20 minutes before a meal, at? -1 /4 cups in the morning and evening.

In case of an allergic reaction to the dust of the flowers, we recommend, when coming home, to gargle with water or water with an added herbal infusion of motherwort or valerian in an arbitrary proportion.

It is useful to take contrast shower several times a day.

Well helps to withstand allergies with the help of infusions of calendula flowers. 20 g of flowers, pour 2 cups of boiling water and insist 1-2 hours at room temperature. Take infusion over a tablespoon 2 times a day.

Good from the allergy helps wormwood. Fill it? glasses of boiling water, a teaspoon of wormwood and put it for 2-4 hours. Accept on? glass 3-4 times a day, before eating.

Pour 2 tablespoons of stinging nettle with 2 cups of boiling water, and put on for 2-3 hours. Should be taken on? glass 3 times a day, before eating.

10 grams of peppermint, pour it? a glass of boiling water and steam for 30 minutes. Take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

In order to calm the allergic itching, wipe the skin with any alcohol solutions (vodka, tincture of calendula, etc.) or a solution based on soda, 2 teaspoons per glass of boiled water.

Rub in the mortar, burdock root and dandelion root and mix. Two p.s. of the mixture, pour 3 cups of boiled water and leave to stand for 12 hours. Brewing 10 minutes, drink on? before the meal.

Take in proportion to one to one a tincture of valerian and hawthorn, mix and drip 30 drops into a glass filled with water. Drink before bedtime. A good remedy for soothing and strengthening the body.

A wonderful folk recipe against allergies. Take a teaspoon of scented dill and pour 400 milliliters of boiling water, and put it for 1 hour. Take 1 glass 3 times a day for allergic dermatitis. You can also use fruit powder 1 gram 3-4 times a day. Wash down with water!

A mixture of tinctures of walnuts and propolis should be taken externally if itching in the ear. Useful for those who are prone to allergies to antibiotics and various medications.

To overcome allergies, the main one is the general uplift of immunity. This will help you 4-5 day juice. And then short one-day posts. It should also be excluded from food: tea, coffee, alcohol, sugar, peeled cereals, fish, meat, cheese, milk, smoked foods and spices. And in the future they are used, very moderately.