Zolotukh for the ear: the reasons for the appearance, treatment

Scrofula is called atypical dermatitis - a disease that arose as a result of metabolic disorders and the emergence of bacinth chopsticks. In various reference books, the definitions of this disease differ - some specialists associate scrofula with diathesis, others consider it a manifestation of tuberculosis. Consider the reasons for the occurrence of scrofula behind the ear and its treatment.

The most common scrofula occurs in children under 10 years, most often in newborns, but sometimes occurs in adults. This skin disease is easily treatable. Zolotuha behind the ears is the first stage of atypical dermatitis and can spread throughout the body.

Causes of scrofula

Children scrofula occurs as a result of excessive consumption of sweets, as well as products containing allergens. In addition, the cause may be maternal alcoholism, vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sun, air. Also, the cause of the occurrence of scrofula in children can be the diseases that the parents of children have suffered - tuberculosis, cancer, syphilis. It is believed that elderly parents at the age of their age can also "reward" the child with scrofula. More susceptible to the disease are depleted, premature babies and children living in poor living conditions.

In adults the most common cause of scrofula is pathological heredity - most likely, parents at the time of conception were sick with tuberculosis or drunk. Also play an important role inadequate living conditions, poor nutrition, lack of sunlight.

The first signs of the disease

Zolotukh for the ears is the first sign of the disease. First you can notice diaper rash behind the ears in the form of peeling spots. Gradually, yellow crusts appear on these places, which after a while start to scratch strongly, and then fall off. The skin beneath them is healthy and smooth.

If the disease is not detected in time and there is no treatment, the spots begin to spread further - on the cheeks, head and other parts of the body. At a late stage, the treatment of scrofula is difficult and becomes painful for the child. In addition, the disease can go to tuberculosis. Therefore, at the first signs of scrofula should immediately consult a doctor and begin treatment. In adults, febrile condition, sores and wounds on the skin, in the area of ​​lymph nodes, painless swelling, flaking, itching may appear.

From scrofula, the child does not suffer as much as an adult - in an adult person scrofula is already a tuberculosis infection. Infection is caused by microbacteria of tuberculosis.


Treatment of scrofula in an adult is to take antibiotics for a long time - sometimes treatment takes a year. The patient is usually prescribed drugs Isoniazid, Pyrazinamide, Etambutol or, for another type of infection, Clarithromycin. In the most extreme cases, a surgical operation is performed.

Treatment of scrofula behind the ears of children should begin with the establishment and elimination of all provoking factors. The living conditions, normal nutrition and proper hygienic care should be improved. In addition, the child is given funds to strengthen immunity and normalize metabolism. In the diet of the child must necessarily be foods with a high content of vitamins A, B, C, D, E - are greens, fruits, vegetable juices, oat flakes, etc. The child quickly recovers as a result of taking therapeutic salt baths, as well as baths with leaves of black currant, nettle, coniferous bath. In addition, the child is given a massage.