Magnesium deficiency in the body and its symptoms

Magnesium deficiency in the initial period is manifested, not too obvious, but unpleasant signs. Although the state of health of a person in this case may be bad, but the thought of the disease does not occur to him.

The main source of spasmophilia, which is the main sign of magnesium deficiency in the body, is in the nervous tissue, since the nerve impulse caused by the movement of ions of minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, is exactly what arises. However, with a deficiency of magnesium, ion exchange is disrupted.

Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can be:

  • twitching of the eyelids,

  • loss of balance,

  • sudden dizziness,

  • flicker before the eyes and fog,

  • tingling in the legs,

  • turning into a rustling of limbs and spasms,

  • brittle nails,

  • loss of hair,

  • caries of teeth,

  • headaches,

  • accelerated fatigue,

  • difficulty with concentration of attention.

  • There is also increased sensitivity to the whims of weather, humidity and cold, often often provoking pains of the gums, teeth, joints, palpitation and arrhythmia, against the background of piercing pain in the chest. Can be haunted by nightmares, insomnia, night sweats, which lead to morning weakness, which is noticeable even after a long sleep. Tearfulness and bouts of longing are possible. A person starts to realize many ideas, which never finish. There is a feeling of heaviness in the body of spasmolysis, (spasm of muscles), when the facial nerve is taped with a hammer, this is the facial syndrome of the Tail.

    Malfunction in the body with a deficiency of magnesium

    What can console, this whole long list of symptoms does not make itself felt at the same time, although a couple of them are enough to feel noticeable discomfort.

    For example, it's normal, somewhere at six in the morning the adrenal cortex promotes the release of hormones that maintain good health throughout the day, until the evening comes the fatigue causing a healthy sleep. Magnesium deficiency everything is turned upside down and the release of hormones occurs in the evening, which causes unhealthy activity and, accordingly, difficulties with falling asleep, and in the morning there is a strong fatigue.

    When we stretch or strain the muscles, and feel pain in the ankles, this means that we lack magnesium. In this case, to saturate the body with magnesium, you should use dolomite tablets, or magnesium oxide with vitamin B, and the painful spasm of muscles will go away. Such symptoms are caused by an incorrect exchange of magnesium and calcium in the nervous tissue. Magnesium regulates and calms the nervous system and muscles.

    Researches of scientists

    A large group of patients who complained of chronic fatigue was examined. In addition, they had no interests, not even sex. They prescribed an additional dose of magnesium and an improvement felt more than 85% of people. The treatment lasted about one and a half weeks and the fatigue disappeared, it became interesting to live, a good mood appeared. Recovered people praised their refreshed refreshing sleep, which they had not had for many months.

    The body's need for magnesium salt is also taken into account when compiling a diet of athletes, because this element causes the growth of muscle tone and calms the nerves.

    If the person close to you is constantly irritated, behaves aggressively and is nervous over trifles, transform it into a kind creature, with the help of the morning cup of cocoa, which is added a quarter of a coffee spoon of magnesium oxide. The result will not be long in coming. From natural products magnesium is rich in peaches, apricots, tomatoes, cauliflower and potatoes.