Vitamins with zinc: indications for use

Zinc is initially present in the human body, concentrating in the largest concentrations in the retina of the eye, red blood cells, genital glands, liver, pancreas, pituitary gland, nails, bones, less in hair. This microelement is vital for the normal life of the human body. The importance of zinc for the child's body is great, as it influences its normal growth and sexual development.

Very much in need of zinc and a male body, it is necessary for the prostate - the most important organ of the male reproductive system. With the presence of zinc, the quality of male sperm and the sexual maturation of boys are related.

The human body needs zinc in an average of 10-25 mg per day, it increases with emotional, mental and physical overload, during pregnancy. Zinc improves the quality of vision and memory, the state of teeth and hair, affects taste sensations and normalizes appetite, removes toxins from the body, strengthens the body's immune system and is a means of preventing colds and oncological diseases.

Why use vitamins with zinc?

Vitamins with zinc contribute to saturation of the organism with this microelement, they are used as part of complex therapeutic measures for chronic diseases and are the prevention of many health problems.

Vitamins with zinc improve the functions of the male body, are necessary in old age and with a vegetarian diet. They are prescribed for alcoholism, a tendency to diarrhea, to accelerate the recovery of tissues after injuries and surgical interventions.

However, do not take zinc enriched products without consulting a doctor. Their action is aimed at solving specific problems that are at different stages of development. In addition, the overabundance of zinc, like its deficiency, affects the body negatively, causing nausea, impaired liver function, and nail bundle.

When do they prescribe vitamins with zinc?

Men are prescribed vitamins with zinc, when the functional activity of the genitourinary system is disrupted, especially against a background of low testosterone levels, due to stressful situations. Their use is assumed with a weak sexual attraction, problems with potency, in the case of a low level of testosterone, due to age-related changes or other pathologies.

Vitamins and zinc are prescribed in childhood with slow growth and late puberty.

Zinc fights with increased irritability, a syndrome of chronic fatigue, a predisposition to cold and viral diseases, a tendency to allergies. It is used with reduced vision, dizziness, noise in the ears, impaired perception of information.

Vitamins with zinc are recommended for atherosclerosis, rheumatism, eczema, to restore skin after burns and cuts, for the prevention of cancer, it is prescribed for brittle and hair loss, excessive dry skin, brittle nails, acne, loss of appetite.

Vitamins in which zinc is present.

  • Tsinkteral Teva,

  • Viardot,

  • Viardo-forte,

  • ZincoVital,

  • Zinkit,

  • Gepazinc,

  • Zinc Zinc caps (Weider),

  • Doppelherz active Vitamin C + zinc,

  • Zinc + Vitamin C Evalar,

  • Vitamins Beauty-Kiss with zinc and biotin,

  • Arnebia Zinc + Vitamin C,

  • Selzinc Plus,

  • Immuno-Zink,

  • Zink Lozenge (pastilles with zinc),

  • NAC Complex.