Vitamin D for babies. The use of vitamin D

For normal bone formation, is strictly required. Vitamin D . Like trees, we perceive the action of ultraviolet rays with our skin, under the influence of which vitamin D is formed. But we do not have Sahara here, and sometimes there is tension in the sun with the sun, especially in winter. Adults somehow suffer this trouble, but for babies in this period, you must certainly have an alternative source of vitamin D.

A consequence of a lack of vitamin D is a violation of phosphorus-calcium metabolism, causing such an unpleasant disease as rickets.

Benefits of Vitamin Dfor infants

Classical D-deficiency rickets appear at the age of two to three months, and in the first place manifested weakened, premature babies, who are on artificial feeding. Deficiency of vitamin D in the intestine does not allow to postpone the necessary amount of calcium in the bones, as a result of which they become thinner and soften, the nervous system and other internal organs give functional malfunctions.

The first symptoms of rickets left without attention will give a detailed picture of the disease by the half-year.

Signs of a lack of vitamin D

The first signs consist in the appearing fearfulness, lethargy or unreasonable whims of the child. He has excessive sweating, itching, hair loss, a blood test showing a reduced content of phosphorus.

If during this period to conduct a biochemical analysis of blood, you can identify a reduced amount of phosphorus, an increase in phosphatase activity.

At the first suspicions of a lack of vitamin D for babies you need to urgently go to the doctor, because it can develop sharply.

How to get vitamin D

Prophylaxis of rickets is the intake of vitamin D, the preventive dose is up to 500 IU, it is safe and meets the needs of a rapidly growing client.

Vitamin D for babies plays a very important role. There is a drug Aquadetrim, which is an aqueous solution of vitamin D3 and replenishing vitamin D deficiency. This is the most popular form of vitamin D among pediatricians. We will apply for the treatment and prevention of rickets. There are also oil solutions of vitamin D, but water is absorbed better, the same they are less toxic and allow a larger dose.

Replenishment of the lack of vitamin D3 is carried out only a drop of Aquadetrim.

By the way, vitamin D3 preparations are preferable to vitamin D2 preparations, since vitamin D3 is a provitamin D, which stimulates the production in the body of the baby of its own vitamin D.

Prophylactic doses of vitamin D allow a long and continuous intake during the entire autumn-winter period, this is the benefit of vitamin D for infants. If the doctor has prescribed an increased dose, weekly breaks are desirable after every three weeks of use.

Dosage of vitamin D for infants

Calculation of the dose is made by the local doctor, feeding the child with a mixture, does not exclude the intake of vitamin D.

In the treatment of rickets, vitamin D is used exclusively individually and in combination with other medicines, the participation of a physician in the process is mandatory.

When an overdose of vitamin D, the calcium content of the blood increases, which ends the poisoning of the body. There are problems of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidneys and digestive tract. It should be noted that some babies have increased sensitivity to vitamin D, which is why the careful attention of the doctor is so necessary.